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The Burger Blaster's Story

     Inventor, Kim Harvey, got an idea to try and find a way to cook foods and meals in a microwave oven.  The one food she wanted to cook was a hamburger.  She began experimenting with finding just the right-size molds that would make the right-size hamburgers.  Not only did she want hamburgers in her microwave, but she wanted "equally sized, browned, moist hamburgers"!  If they could not brown and if they could not retain moisture, there would be no point in trying.  Addtionally, she wanted to be able to remove the grease that accumulates in stove-top cooking.  Not only is the grease unappealing to look at, but is bad for the body.

 So, after spending hours and hours in the kitchen; cutting, measuring, experimenting, planning and praying - Kim drew her concept on graph paper and took her drawings to a CAD developer.  It was there that her idea came to life.  The drawings were sent out to produce beeswax prototypes and she applied for a patent on her unique idea.  While the prototypes were being made, she searched for the right plant to make the tooling.

 Today, The Burger Blaster is now  patented, ready for market and ready to ship directly to you!  It is dishwasher safe and non-breakable.... and again is proudly made in the USA!
Finished stuffed cheeseburgers and double deckers right out of
The Burger Blaster
Kim Harvey at the plant in Indianapolis where
The Burger Blaster is produced.

The Burger Blaster!
New patentend technology that combines steaming, ventilation and browning.